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Italy - part two

Ferrara is famous for it's amazing cathedral and the Este family castle,and it's a well diserved fame. Take a look...
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The statue of Savonarolla and the castle
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The cathedral

But away of the city center, the traffic and the popular tourist sights always full of people, is the old cementery. A serene, peaceful and incredibly beautiful place...
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Old cementery in Ferrara

I didn't have much luck in discovering Modena. The renovation of the famous cathedral made me a little disapointed.
Copy of DSC05508.JPG
The front of the cathedral in renovation
Copy of DSC05509.JPG
"Calling for freedom"
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the Cathedral
Copy of DSC05531.JPG
The past meets the present - cathedral detail

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In the plane to Bologna
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In Rimini I found a "motorikshaw":)
Copy of DSC05316.JPG
Photography not allowed ;) - night life in Rimini
Copy of DSC05305.JPG
My travel companion San Benedetto on his way to Bologna

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