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Italy - part one


Besides thousands of places to discover, amazing Italian cuisine and the famous Italian sun, there are three main reasons to go to Italy:
1. The best coffee in the world
2. The unique atmosphere of siesta time
3. The taste of the italian grapes from vineyards and figs picked by yourself during a bicycle ride in the countryside.
This year I went to Emilia Romagna and here are some of my favourite places and pictures.
Copy of DSC05121.JPG
Piazza Cavour is an important place for all Fellini's fans, here the famous movie "Amarcord" was made.
Copy of DSC05216.JPG
But Rimini is not only a popular seaside resort, it's also full of signs of the great and long history of the Appennine Penisula. Here the bridge of Tiberius (a roman emperor I century a.C.)
Copy (2) of DSC04983.JPG
And here the arch of triumph of August
Copy (2) of DSC04972.JPG
And this is Caesar, he came to Rimini after crossing the Rubicon.
Copy (2) of DSC04989.JPG
Tempio Malatestiano is a masterpiece of renaissance architecture
Copy (2) of DSC04995.JPG
Copy (2) of DSC05005.JPG
Tempio Malatestiano inside.

15 kms only from Rimini is Cesena - a lovely little Italian town, during siesta time complitely empty. You are alone and the city is yours:)
Copy of DSC05074.JPG
A part of the Cathedral's gate
Copy of DSC05084.JPG
The fountain
Copy of DSC05086.JPG
The fortress and the fountain
Copy of DSC05104.JPG
Little street
Copy of DSC05106.JPG
A closed laundry in the siesta time

A bicycle ride is a fantastic way to discover the peacfull, wonderfull and sometimes breathtaking Italian countryside, with it's delicious grapes and figs.
Copy of DSC05128.JPG
A vineyard
Copy of DSC05139.JPG
The "Blue Lake"
Copy of DSC05151.JPG
"Blue Lake" again
Copy of DSC05165.JPG
San Arcangelo di Romagna - a typical, little Italian town, just gorgeous
Copy of DSC05159.JPG
Art studio
Copy of DSC05167.JPG
Little street
Copy of DSC05171.JPG
A window
Copy of DSC05197.JPG
Back to the countryside
Copy of DSC05200.JPG
Little sanctuary on rocks
Copy of DSC05203.JPG
The same sanctuary seen from it's left sight
Copy of DSC05204.JPG
Classical Italian landscape
Copy of DSC05213.JPG
San Marino seen from the sanctuary - is it possible to go to Italy and not fall in love with it?

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